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2018 concerts

2018 Tour Concerts

Homecoming Concert

2017 concerts

2017 Tour Concerts

Excerpts from Tour Concerts and the complete Homecoming Concert

2015 concerts

2015 Tour Concerts

Asbury UMC (Watertown, NY) and Homecoming concerts

2014 concerts

2014 Tour Concerts

Homecoming Concert and selections from Shillington

2013 concerts

2013 Tour Concerts

Homecoming Concert, selections from Puerto Rico, and Benediction from Paoli, PA

2012 concerts

2012 Tour Concerts

Selections from Homecoming and Quakertown, PA concerts

2011 concerts

2011 Tour Concerts

Selections from Homecoming and Florida concerts

2014 homecoming concert

Argentina 2010

Videos from concert at Iglesia San Miguel Arcangel in Buenos Aires


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