While our website has many features that may interest the alumni of the choir, the sections below were developed way back in 1999, when LycoChoir.com was first created as an alumni-centric website. Some parts may be outdated, but the memories are not!

Alumni Database

Choir alumni are listed in this section by the last name used at graduation. Since bios have been written since 1999, some information may now be outdated.

To create a new entry, please visit the main Alumni Database page. To change your existing entry, just e-mail or message us.

Choir Memories

The choir memories section is a collection of stories, both short and long, written by alums. Memories are divided up by general time period and quantity of submissions.

To add a new story, please visit the main Choir Memories page. (And if any 2000+ alums submit a story, we'll create a new section!)

Past Directors

Lycoming has been blessed with three previous choir directors since the college's inception in 1947. We are proud to highlight and remember Walter McIver, Dr. Fred Thayer, and Dr. Chris Jackson.

Walter McIver

Walter McIver

Fred Thayer

Dr. Fred Thayer

Chris Jackson

Dr. Chris Jackson