The Lycoming College Choir is a university choir that performs regularly in the United States. The choir is based at Lycoming College, which is a four-year private college in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.

The College Choir is the largest of three choral groups at Lycoming. It is the college's "full choir" and numbers over 120 students. It is open to students from all academic fields. Auditions, to determine voice parts only, are held each September. The Choir is open to every student who loves to sing.

The Lycoming College Choir's annual schedule includes fall performances at Freshman Convocation, an open rehearsal and Sunday morning service during Family Weekend, and the Christmas Candlelight Service. During Graduation Weekend in May, the choir performs at Baccalaureate, at the Graduation Concert, and at Commencement.

The Choir also gives frequent performances during Sunday services at Williamsport-area churches, including First United Methodist, Pine Street United Methodist, St. Luke's Lutheran, St. Mark's Lutheran, and St. John's United Methodist. In addition, the Choir often hosts and performs with visiting college choirs, such as various friendship choirs from Europe.

The Lycoming College Choir also provides ample opportunities for choir members to socialize. The Choir often holds fundraising efforts, including Volleyball Marathons and Singing Valentines. Popular frequent activities have included a choir picnic (in past years often held at the Little League facility), an ice-cream social, the inter-choir Secret Santa tradition at Christmastime, and the end-of-year Choir banquet. Lycoming Choir members tend to develop some of the strongest friendship bonds on campus, which last well after graduation.


Melissa Bilza

MacKenzie Bilger

Annie Blazer

Shannon Coriddi

Sarah Donovan

Sabrina Duckett

Jenn Fischer

Rebecca Forbes

Elizabeth Gallen

Alexis Grady

Jordan Hotchkiss

Amy Kabina

Elise Matalavage

Amanda McTarnaghan

Haley Miller

Jenny Romey

Lauren Schultz

Erin Slackway

Brooke Spicer

Erin Szogi

Jennifer Twardowski

Melissa Vollman

Krissy Wetzel

Ahlyah Williams

Emily Yoder


Samantha Barrett

Serina Bayer

Toriann Baumgartner

Alyssa Burger

Andrea Burleigh

Emily Carson

Giselle Guevara

Nikole Harrington

Elizabeth Hill

Chloe Humble

Sarah Jaran

Brianna Jolley

Lisa Le

Lexie Miller

Kathryn Murray

Lilya Renner

Emily Robinson

Alicia Rossitto

Kelly Rogawski

Rebekah Sausmikat

Kayleigh Schmid

Deborah Sharp

Lindsay Smith

Rachel Stroble

Julia Suchanek

Camisha Taylor

Deborah Thomas

Irene Tselezoh


Sean Bathgate

Evan Bennetch

Darrin Coleman

Paul Ferrante

Chris Hoffman

Ian LaBar

Joe LeBender

Cody Losinger

Dominic Lyons

Christopher Morgan

Mark Munford

Ryan Neidig

Tung Nguyen

John Peters

Son Pham

Vu Pham

James Truax

Michael Tusay

Timothy Vasey

Gabe Welty

Chang Yang


Avery Baker

Harry Claude Baum

Jeremy Chobot

Bryce Dias

Max Giardino

Robert Hoffman

Erik Homberger

Patrick Intallura

Donald Keys

James Krizan

Hoang Yung Nguyen

Son Pham

Paul Sweet