Concert performed by the Chamber Choir on March 22, 1996 in Clarke Chapel. Please note that this recording was created on a small audio recorder, and should not be considered a high-quality recording.
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David Wunder
Solo Quartet I: Adeline Noto (soprano), Tami Hull (alto), Charles Edmonds (tenor), Michael Johnson (bass)
Soprano/Alto Duet: Carina Mausteller (soprano), Dixie Albro (alto)
Obadiah: Lisa Moore
Tenor: Jason Luciana
Solo Quartet II: Adeline Noto (soprano), Heather Duda (alto), Charles Edmonds (tenor), Matthew Pavelko (bass)
Baritone: Trevor Loehr
Alto: Dionna Bennett
The Youth:
Ginger Hale
Organist: Richard Lakey

The People (1996 Chamber Choir):
Sopranos: Ginger Hale, Carina Mausteller, Lisa Moore, Adeline Noto, Jill Oakes
Altos: Dixie Albro, Dionna Bennett, Heather Duda, Rebecca Eickhoff, Tami Hull, Jennica Musselman
Tenor: Matthew Beish, Charles Edmonds, Jason Luciana, Joey Morra, Jonathan Walz
Bass: Matt Barr, Fred Hickok, Michael Johnson, Trevor Loehr, Matthew Pavelko, David Wunder


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