The Lycoming College Choir’s reunion in October 2005 was a joyful celebration as well as a reminder that the friendships and traditions of the choir endure well past graduation. Now you can revisit all the weekend’s events with this brand-new video! Did we catch you singing at a reunion rehearsal or chatting at the banquet? Or did a photo of you makes its way into the choir's history retrospective? The only way to find out is to order!

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Included on the video:

Lyco Choir Reunion 2005
The choir’s reunion in October 2005 commemorated the program’s 60th year and featured two rehearsals, a banquet, and a performance at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Williamsport. Many Lyco Choir alums attended the reunion, and it was an unforgettable weekend of singing and friendship. This 2-hour, professionally-edited film captures all of the highlights of the reunion weekend. The two photos shown on the right were captured from the reunion film.

Lycoming College Choir:
60 Years of Music and Memories

Beginning with the choir’s inception in 1947, this retrospective traces the history of the Lycoming Choir from 1946 to 2005, using hundreds of photos, videos, and music. Premiered at the 2005 reunion banquet; 38 minutes.

Visit our Video Archive to see excerpts from "60 Years of Music and Memories"!

The two programs are available together on a DVD (2-disc set, pictured) or VHS (1 tape). Both formats feature the same full-color packaging. The cost of either the DVD or VHS is $25, which includes shipping and handling. To order, return this order form with your check payment. Questions? Contact Jennica Musselman ‘98 at or 215-631-9762.


First, because as a proud choir alum, you simply can't miss seeing "60 Years of Music and Memories", the history retrospective of the Lycoming College Choir! Our use of 60 years-worth of photos and videos ensures that many choir alums will find themselves and their friends in this video! Are you in it? "60 Years" is a top-notch production that any choir alum will enjoy and appreciate.

And even if you couldn't attend the reunion, watching "Lyco Choir Reunion 2005" is the next-best-thing to being there! This 2-hour video is jam-packed with choir alums from all ages, as well as great performances, from rehearsals to the reunion banquet to the Sunday performance. See what you missed out on, and resolve to attend the next reunion!


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